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Kohler® REOZK

Your KOHLER® industrial generator is designed to provide you with a reliable source of power for many years. To ensure complete resiliency, it is important to insist on genuine KOHLER® parts and service throughout its lifespan.

Kohler® generators

Better with the years

In 1920, we introduced the first automatic standby generator, the KOHLER® Automatic Power and Light, to rural America. A few years later, KOHLER® generators powered Admiral Richard Byrd’s historic Antarctic expedition. They helped light the way for the Hoover Dam construction crew and provided radio communications during World War II, even helping to save a sunken submarine. Over a century later, we are still innovating and creating a sustainable future for your energy needs.

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Kohler® has set the global standard for energy technology.

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Call us day or night and be assured of expert assistance and problem resolution.

We make the difference

The design of electrical systems meeting the highest requirements.

REOSK Series Generator

60 Hz


  • Kohler® offers single responsibility for production systems and accessories;
  • The generator set and its components are tested on prototype, manufactured in the factory and tested in production;
  • The 60 Hz generator set offers UL 2200 approval;
  • The 60 Hz generator set complies with NFPA 110, Level 1, when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed according to NFPA standards;
  • A one-year limited warranty covers all systems and components;
  • Two- and five-year extended warranties are also available;
  • The generator complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) emergency stationary emissions requirements.



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