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KOHLER® generators offer the best voltage and frequency regulation as well as the lowest harmonic distortion rates for the best power quality you can get to protect your valuable electronic devices. Here are the main reasons why.

A manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years / 2000 hours when connected to Hydro-Québec or 18 months / 1000 hours when not.



The engine is at the heart of a generator’s performance and reliability and is one of the main quality indicators. KOHLER® engines are designed for harsh commercial applications, making them durable and reliable in a generator set. Powerful KOHLER® motors produce the necessary generator current while remaining faithful in voltage and frequency.

We find these engines on concrete saws, wood splitters and mainly on our golf courses in John Deere, Cub Cadet, Husqvarnha, Toro, Walker lawn tractors, to name a few.


Patented technology

Patented Powerboost™ technology is an additional winding in the alternator that provides the energy needed to start large loads such as central heat pumps without affecting other devices. By compensating in this way, this exclusive system prevents the creation of voltage and frequency drops, which are harmful to sensitive electronic devices.

OnCue® Plus


Because your peace of mind is important to us, OnCue® Plus watches over your generator. We know that your schedule does not allow you to be constantly present during important weekly tests. Kohler® has therefore created this free application with no annual fee. This allows you to see the status of your generator in real time and receive email notifications on your smartphone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

System of

load management

The Kohler® RXT automatic inverter, in its weatherproof box, allows easy load management. It can manage up to 6 loads, all of this without programming. It is also “Service Entrance” approved, which avoids the installation of a disconnector upstream of the inverter. In addition, it is compatible with the OnCue® Plus application, which allows you to see the status of the automatic diverter and receive notifications via a cell phone, tablet or web page regardless of your position in the world.

Opt for a smaller generator. Most appliances such as the air conditioner, heater or pumps do not run all the time, while other appliances, such as lights, turn on and off as needed. With load management, devices or loads identified as non-essential can be powered by the generator when the most important devices are not operating, thus allowing the use of a more compact cell than if one had to power the entire residence.


at all times

Kohler® generators start in extremely cold weather because we factory install the best accessories available for you, such as our oil heater, a heating element that is inserted into the oil tank, which allows for easy starts and offers better engine longevity.

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Additional accessories


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