The models


Kohler® offers a wide range of generators for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Stay tuned when

Power is no longer there

KOHLER® generators help you stay protected and keep your family calm before, during and after the storm!

Your generator runs on the natural gas (residential and commercial) or propane (industrial only) system. So, in the event of a power outage, your generator will automatically start and power your home/business until power is restored. Then, it will transfer the electricity to the network.

From only $47.64/week

5-year manufacturer's warranty

peace of mind assured

The models

we offer

RCA Models

Natural gas/Propane
10 to 26 kW

RCL Models

Natural gas/Propane
24 to 60 kW


Gas Diesel
15 kW to more than 1000 kW


Robust motor

KOHLER® generators for your home are built with the same quality as the engines that power KOHLER® generators in hospitals, airports and data centers. And if our generators can meet their electricity needs, they can meet yours, even when the whole family is in town. That means you can’t escape watching your sister’s slideshow about her latest cruise or warming up a midnight snack for your grandchildren.